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Estate Planning & Probate

Protecting Your Assets, Honoring Your Wishes: Estate and Probate at Mulliken Weiner Berg & Jolivet P.C.

Controlling and maximizing your assets for the next generation

At Mulliken Weiner Berg & Jolivet P.C., we recognize that no one really wants to think about what will happen after passing on — and there is no debate that the rapidly shifting laws surrounding estates and trusts have made planning for succession, retirement and wealth and asset protection more complex. With ongoing flux in already complex regulations and laws regarding transfers of assets, family owned businesses and estates, it is critical to have experienced, proficient counsel in preparing for the future.

Estate planning services

Mulliken Law attorneys have the sophistication you need to minimize taxation and maximize the transfer of wealth to your children and survivors. Our goal is to ensure that your wishes are your reality — creating courses of care for medical needs, preparing wills, developing and administrating trusts, and other services. Preparing a will is perhaps the most important part of estate planning, as it generally avoids much of the probate process that an intestate estate — that is, what is left behind when someone passes away without a will — would go through, as well as allowing you to take advantage of whatever federal or state estate tax exemptions may apply in a given year.

Beyond using a will to avoid uncertainty and thwart potential litigation, there are several other techniques that our Estate and Probate attorneys find valuable in ensuring that wealth continues in your family:

  • Designing outright and “in-trust” gifts
  • Establishing family limited partnerships and family limited liability companies
  • Intra-family loan agreements
  • Charitable giving techniques
  • Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRAT), where the grantor retains the right to a payment from a trust for a certain term
  • Real estate planning for large landowners
  • Life insurance trusts

There are additional types of specialized trusts in which the estate planning team at Mulliken Weiner Berg & Jolivet P.C. can assist with, including Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (QPRT) and Grantor Retained Unitrusts (GRUT).


Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to plan ahead. If no will exists, we represent clients in probate court, making certain that the deceased’s wishes are followed as nearly as possible. Turning to our team means that you are not dealing with the hardship of a drawn-out probate administration, as well as the costs and time expounded.

In addition, we offer a strong estate litigation presence, drawing on our Estate Planning and Litigation attorneys in a wide variety of claims, such as:

  • Will contests
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Fiduciary claims against administrators and others in similar roles
  • Collecting on bonds held by the estate

Contact the estate and probate practice at Mulliken Weiner Berg & Jolivet P.C.

If you have questions or concerns about your current estate plan — or are reaching a life event in which you believe it is time to create one — contact Mulliken Weiner Berg & Jolivet P.C. at 719-635-8750 today to schedule a personalized consultation.

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