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Creditor Protection and Bankruptcy Services at Mulliken Weiner Berg & Jolivet P.C.

Representing lenders and creditors in the bankruptcy process

Mulliken Weiner Berg & Jolivet P.C.’s Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights practice group has ensured that lenders (secured and unsecured), lessors (property and equipment), financial institutions, landlords, trade creditors and others succeed, whenever possible, in bankruptcy, corporate restructuring and out-of-court workouts throughout the state of Colorado. Beyond our general bankruptcy practice, we also offer — in conjunction with our Litigation practice — the full ability to litigate within the bankruptcy proceeding, assisting with fraudulent conveyance claims, preference actions and challenges to acquisitions, among other issues.

Bankruptcy and creditors’ rights services

We can assist you in every stage of a bankruptcy proceeding to ensure that your rights are fully and adequately protected.  We regularly assist with a variety of issues, such as:

  • Defending creditor clients in preference and fraudulent transfer actions
  • Protecting creditors’ rights in complicated Chapter 11 cases, including cash collateral motions, debtor-in-possession financing and debt restructuring
  • Recovering rent and assumption or rejection of lease agreements
  • Recovering leased or financed property
  • Litigating real estate and other issues that arise in the bankruptcy dispute
  • Purchasing or selling assets from bankruptcy debtors or trustees

We also represent commercial lenders, financial institutions and real estate entities in loan work-outs, providing negotiation of loan modifications and extensions, preparing lenders for post-foreclosure sale and developing other work-out related agreements. We can also assist with the recovery of real and personal property through replevin, receivership or foreclosure.

Contact our bankruptcy and creditors’ rights attorneys

Located in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado, Mulliken Weiner Berg & Jolivet P.C. advises lending clients on a range of bankruptcy, work-out and recovery actions. Our office is conveniently located next to the El Paso County Courthouse and is easily accessible by car and Mountain Metro Transit. Call us at 719-635-8750 or contact us online.

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