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Mechanic’s Liens: Paying Twice is Not Nice

Author: KARL A. BERG, JR. As the economy continues to slump many in the homebuilding industry, particularly subcontractors and suppliers, are increasingly concerned about getting paid. One of the most common strategies employed by subcontractors and suppliers to help insure they receive payment is to record “mechanic’s liens” against property which their labor or materials Read More

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Contractual Limitations Clauses: Time is On Your Side

Author: KARL A. BERG, JR. Homebuilders are understandably concerned about their potential liability in the event a dispute arises with any of their customers either prior to or after closing. Rather than relying on the legislature to protect them, homebuilders should rely primarily upon their contracts to reasonably allocate the risks between them and their Read More

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Attorneys: Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Author: KARL A. BERG, JR. In our litigious world, most builders have an ongoing relationship with one, or heaven forbid, more attorneys. I often receive calls from clients in need of immediate advice. Frequently, it becomes apparent that the dispute has been brewing for weeks or even months and is considerably more complicated than initially Read More

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Arbitration: The Homebuilder’s Last Bastion

Author: KARL A. BERG, JR. Arbitration has long been touted as a better way to resolve disputes. Its proponents usually make bold statements that arbitration is easier, faster, and cheaper than litigation. While each of these points may be debated, arbitration offers homebuilders distinct advantages to litigation in disputes with their customers. Parties are free Read More

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Indemnification – Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

Author: Karl A. Berg, Jr., Esq. During the most recent legislative session the bill which received most of the builders’ attention was the “Homeowner Protection Act of 2007.”

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Caveat Builder: Common Interest Community Disclosures

Author: Karl A. Berg, Jr., Esq. Diligent homebuilders periodically review and revise their sales contracts so that the contracts comply with various statutory requirements (and in order to protect themselves in light of the significantly reduced coverage they have under their commercial general liability insurance policies these days). For instance, most builders are familiar with Read More

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A Call to Action: The Judicial Term Limits Initiative Must Be Defeated!

Author: MURRAY I. WEINER If former State Senate President John Andrews has his way, a proposal to limit the length and number of terms of our State appellate judges will be on the November ballot.  The initiative would reduce the terms of Colorado Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges to four years. It would Read More

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Bench and Bar: What is Each Entitled to Expect From the Other? (PART II)

Part II: What the Bench Expects from Our Bar? Author: MURRAY I. WEINER Last month I wrote about what the Bar can and should expect from our Bench.  I received quite a bit of feedback from the Bench and Bar, most of it favorable.  Two comments are worthy of note.  One was from a Denver attorney, and another Read More

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Bench and Bar: What Is Each Entitled To Expect From the Other? (PART I)

Part I: What is the Bar entitled to expect from our Bench? Author: MURRAY I. WEINER I have enjoyed this year’s monthly Bar Association lunches. The food has been good, the location is great, and turn out by both the Bench and Bar has been high.  I am particularly pleased by the quality of the speakers that Read More

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Law Day Reflections

Author: MURRAY I. WEINER With Law Day around the corner this is a good time of year to reflect on our system of justice and what it is we do as attorneys.  I choose to let others philosophize about our adversary system, or the “Separation of Powers,” the topic the American Bar Association suggests as this Read More

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