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At Mulliken Weiner Berg & Jolivet P.C., we’ve grown our practice by providing for and successfully representing our clients. The reason our attorneys love what they do is the excitement of solving your complex problems and providing real-world, winning, effective solutions. Of course, there’s no substitute for understanding and perspective and we draw upon more than a century and a half of collective experience to assist you, whether advising you in a real estate deal, negotiating the terms of a lease-buyback agreement or representing you in court. We invite you to meet our lawyers:


Mulliken Weiner Berg & Jolivet P.C. — you can depend on us

Mulliken Weiner Berg & Jolivet P.C. provides comprehensive, sophisticated legal counsel across a range of practices throughout the state of Colorado to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Our offices are located in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado, close to the El Paso County Courthouse and easily accessible by Mountain Metro Transit and private transportation. To discuss how Mulliken Law can meet your needs and find solutions, please contact us by telephone at 719-635-8750 or contact us online.

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Mulliken Weiner Berg & Jolivet P.C. attorneys are active in the community, frequently in the news and prolific writers, keeping the public and their fellow lawyers abreast of the newest concepts affecting the nation and residents of Colorado. We’re proud of the work we do for the people of Colorado and how we influence business and government. Below, we’ve provided our recent news articles, community engagement events and publications for your review.